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Port Elizabeth Timber – WoodPine Roots

Started in 2016, WoodPine comes from very humble beginnings.

One bachelor’s degree, one almost completed honour’s degree, newly married and no work. Not exactly a solid ground to start a successful timber business from.

A seed was sown by my father-in-law (a successful timber merchant in his own right), to sell wood under the name “WoodPine” (which was supposed to be Pinewood, but got mixed up at the printers).

From day one, the goal was to source quality timber and provide great service to the clients that walked through the door.

Over the years over trading we have kept that promise. The evidence of this is reflected by the loyal clients that still continue to do business with us. 

Sourcing from our network of nationwide sawmill partners, we:
  • Broker large consignments of timber
  • Sell to national and local suppliers
  • Manufacture our very own timber products
  • And sell timber products from online.

All this from our base in Port Elizabeth (Gquebera) with our quality and great valued timber.

Now, 6 years and 3 employees later, we have grown to serve clients big and small, local and national.

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Looking for quality timber at great Value? Give us a call.